New Horizons Goes Global: Our Research Studies and
Abstracts Travel to International Destinations


2015 has been a stellar and memorable year for Team New Horizons. Four of our research studies have been accepted for presentations in international conferences. Also, for the first time, 7 abstracts – meaning short descriptions – were submitted to prestigious conferences, all in one year!

Out of these 7 abstracts, 5 were accepted for oral or podium presentations. Going beyond, the paper presentation in Istanbul was nominated for a research award!

This is a huge achievement for Team New Horizons! Under the visionary and dynamic leadership of Dr. Samir Dalwai, New Horizons has done voluminous work in providing multidisciplinary therapeutic interventions for a wide range of developmental concerns over almost thirteen years. Customized, time-bound, one-to-one, documented developmental programs designed by clinical experts at New Horizons Child Development Centre branches have been the source of data for research studies and the abstracts cited. This data has been compiled meticulously, with great thought put into them and New Horizons Health and Research Foundation team members have got opportunities to present the hard work of Team New Horizons to internationally acclaimed experts from a broad range of fields.

These presentations help us share our learning with the world at large, and also get us constructive feedback and critique from renowned experts in the field, which lead to better ways of finding evidence and developing treatments for many developmental disorders.

As of now, all the feedback has been extremely positive and highly motivating. At Dublin, the team complimented our work, stating that, β€œthe acceptance of your paper for publication in the World Congress of Education-2015 proceedings reflects the high status of your work by your fellow professionals in the field.”

The details of accepted abstracts are as follows:

# Title of the Abstract and Authors Conference Name Date and Venue Type of Study
1. Counseling approaches aiming for compliance to interventions for neurodevelopmental disorders, for a developing country clientele

Samir H. Dalwai, Deepti K. Modak, Sohini Chatterjee, Dania Siddiqui, Gitanjali Pillai
33rd annual meeting of the International Society for Social Pediatrics and Child Health Geneva (Switzerland), September 7 to 9, 2015 Qualitative Content Analysis
2. Identifying developmental delays, by age and risk in young children in India

Samir H. Dalwai, Deepti K. Modak, Jane McGrath, Patricia Osbourn, Catherine McClain, Piyadasa Kodituwakku, Ameya Bondre, Ankita Thotam, Diksha Gajria, Mamta Manglani
Southwest Conference on Disability Albuquerque (USA), October 6 to 9, 2015 Quantitative Cross-Sectional Study
3. Impact on Language Ability of a First Generation English Learner in India, by Short Term Remedial Intervention

Samir H. Dalwai, Nita Mehta, Deepti K. Modak, Sandhya Kukarni, Alaknanda Sengupta, Ameya Bondre
World Congress on Education Dublin (Ireland), October 19 to 21, 2015 Case Study
4. Effect Of A Multidisciplinary Intervention On Clinical Outcomes In Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder*

Deepti K. Modak, Samir H. Dalwai, Ameya Bondre, Sajeda Ansari, Dania Siddiqui, Diksha Gajria
1st International Developmental Pediatrics Congress Istanbul (Turkey) December 2 to 5, 2015 Secondary Data Analysis
5. A Multidisciplinary Intervention Program For Neurodevelopmental Disabilities, Customized To A Developing Country Clientele

Samir H. Dalwai, Deepti K. Modak, Sohini Chatterjee, Sandhya Kulkarni, Nita Mehta, Bansari Bhoite, Ameya Bondre, Waheeda Pagarkar
1st International Developmental Pediatrics Congress Istanbul (Turkey) December 2 to 5, 2015 Program Review

*Nominated for Research Award!

Our studies have covered a wide and diverse genre, ably reflecting the huge breadth of our work and potential. Our presentations at international conferences and the publication of papers in acclaimed journals not only enhances the visibility and might of our Research Department, it also showcases latest advances in clinical evidence. As a team we are ever-vigilant, and make sure to stay updated with all the evidence and use it to design effective treatments and new studies. With every successful study and conference, we at New Horizons are making our mark, both nationally and internationally, and sailing ceaseless skies!